In the latest edition of Oregon Quarterly, CURE Director and Associate Vice Provost of Undergraduate Research and Engagement, Josh Snodgrass, and Director of Academic Residential and Research Initiatives, Kevin Hatfield, discuss the importance of engaging in undergraduate research and why it’s often too late when students wait until their junior or senior year.

So you’re probably wondering, then HOW do¬†I get involved with research? Josh’s reply to this is;

Reach out to a professor working on something you find interesting. If that doesn’t work or if you’re uncomfortable doing so, contact the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement []. The center can connect you to research opportunities, provide funding support, and help you showcase your work on campus or even across the state and nation.

And beyond the many reasons why it’s important such as gaining technical skills, building relationships with faculty mentors who may serve as references and writers of letters of recommendation for your future graduate school applications, Kevin says;

Research creates flexible, independent¬†thinkers–students who think outside of the box to solve problems. That’s what employers want, regardless of the major.

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