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CURE is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of University of Oregon students and faculty. Below are the recipients of the First Year Research Experience Award, Conference Travel Award, Emergency Funding, Faculty Research Mentor Award, and Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

First Year Research Experience (F Y R E) Award

Aimed at providing first-year undergraduate students with the valuable opportunity to explore research, the First Year Research Experience Award celebrates its first cohort. This fellowship, made possible by the University of Oregon Foundation Board of Trustees, funds five students to conduct summer research in 2020.


The 2020 recipients are:


Julia Lo  |  Major: Biology  |  Mentor: Professor Diana Libuda
Investigating how different chromatin states affect the mechanism of DNA

Alexandria Montgomery  |  Major: Biology  |  Mentor: Professor Stilianos Louca
Microbial ecology and evolution in hot springs

Nicole Mullen  |  Double Major: General Science and Sociology  |  Mentor: Professor Caroline Lundquist
Philosophy for Children: Value, integration and development of philosophical education curriculum

Lucy Roberts  |  Major: Spatial Data Science and Technology  |  Mentor: Professor Dave Sutherland
Updating previous quantifications of flow regimes in Greenland’s glacial Sermilik Fjord using iceberg drifters

Haley Speed  |  Major: Biology  |  Mentor: Professor Eric Selker
Functions of H3K27 Methylation in Neurospora C.

Summer Undergraduate Research (SURF) Fellowship

The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) is in its third year funding undergraduate students to conduct research for eight weeks during the summer.


The 2020 recipients are:


Anastasia Browning ’21  | Major: Psychology  | Mentor: Professor Elliot Berkman
Leveraging Message Framing and Goal Orientations to Strengthen Well-Being and Bolster Intentions to Follow Social Distancing Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Noa Cohen ’21  | Major: Biological Anthropology  | Mentor: Professor Michael Posner
Reducing Smoking through Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation

Myles Nelson ’21   | Major: Human Physiology  | Mentor: Professor Mike Hahn
Reducing Metabolic Cost of Level Ground Walking Using a Semi-Active Variable Stiffness Foot Prosthesis”

Deanna Plunkett ’21  | Major: Biological Anthropology  | Mentor: Professor Adrianne Huxtable
Adult inflammation increases microglia after neonatal inflammation in respiratory control regions

Jude Stone ’21  | Major: Political Science  | Mentor: Professor Alison Gash
Racial Influence on Transgender Hate Crime Verdicts

2019 SURF Recipients

Takoko Iwashita ’20 | Psychology | Advisor: Professor Dasa Zeithamova
Reducing the negative impact of emotion on memory”

Matt Kafker ’20 | Physics, Math | Advisor: Professor Tristan Ursell
Computational modeling of bacterial dynamics in spatially structured environements”

Emmalyn Leonard ’21 | Biology | Advisor: Professor Cris Niell
“Determining the role of pulvinar in visual attention control”

Calvin Penkauskas ’20 | Biology| Advisor: Professor Lauren Hallett
“Resolving conflict between oak conservation and organic hazelnut production”

Amy Shannon ’21| Anthropology|Advisor: Professor Madonna Moss
“Alutiiq use of birds at Rice Ridge (49–KOD–363), Kodiak Island”

2018 SURF Recipients

Konrad Bailey ’20 | Psychology | Advisor: Professor Santiago Jaramillo
Neural and behavioral assays for studying predictive coding in the mouse brain”

Fountane Chan ‘19 | General Science | Advisor: Professor Diana Libuda
“Deciphering the role of Argonaute protein, PRG-1, in spermatocyte specific, heat-stress induced DNA damage”

Connor Lane ‘19 | Biology | Advisor: Professor Matt Streisfeld
“Parallel evolution of floral diversity in the bush monkeyflower”

Michelle Lo ‘19 | Mathematics | Advisor: Professor Jennifer Ruef
“Power dynamics in group settings of mathematics classrooms”

Madelyn Scott ‘19 | Chemistry |Advisor: Professor Cathy Wong
“Optimization of deposition techniques for film production and analysis”

Michelle Lo

2018 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

Conference Travel Awards

The travel awards are provided to assist students to gain experience to present papers, posters, or creative work at a professional conference.

2019 Fall Conference Travel Award Recipients

Isabelle Cullen ‘21 | Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students

Ryan Leriche ‘21 | Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting

Makenna Pennel ‘20 | SACNAS: The National Diversity in STEM Conference

Kyra Solis ’19 | Oxford Consortium for Human Rights

Kayla Walker ’20 | Accoustical Society of America 178th Meeting”

2019 Spring Conference Travel Award Recipients

Mohammed Al Asttal ‘20 | Oxford Consortium for Human Rights

Takako Iwashita ‘20 |Cognitive Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting

Emily Niebergall ‘20 | American Association of Immunologists National Meeting

Cal Penkauskas ’20 | North American Agroforest Conference

Shuxi Wu ’20 | National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

2018 Conference Spring and Fall
Travel Award Recipients

Arunima Bhattacharjee ‘18 | National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Mariah Bloom ‘19 | American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Phoenix Booth ‘18 | Society of North American Goldsmiths

India Brock ‘19 | American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Courtney Daum ‘18 | International Conference of Infant Studies

Allison Dona ‘19 | American Association of Physical Anthropologists

Cassandra Dukes ‘18 | UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference

2018 Conference Spring and Fall
Travel Award Recipients Cont.

Caroline Fenty ‘19 | Sigma Tau Delta International

Peace Kontamnives ‘18 | American Physical Society Meeting

Mitra LeBuhn ‘18 | Human Development Conference

Eamonn Needham ’19 | American Geophysical Union

Nathaniel Sichter ’18 | UCLA Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference

Spencer Smith ‘19 | Northwest Biomechanics Symposium

Jenna-Marie Smallwood ’19 | Oxford Consortium for Human Rights

Mariah Bloom

2018 Award Recipient

Student Emergency Funding

The fund was established to assist eligible students in emergencies, to participate in research and experiential learning opportunities.

2020 Awards

Octavio De Lima ’22 | Economics

2019 Awards

Jake Dillinger ’21 | History

Lida Ford ’20 |Comparative Literature

Mikey Trueherz ‘19 | Product Design

Elisa Trujillo ’20 | Biology

2018 Awards

Alexander Mentzel ’19 | German Literature and Culture & Theatre Arts

Madeline Rogers ‘18 | Psychology

Joseph Carlson ’19 | Physics

2017 Awards

Sara Fatimah ’19 | Geography and International Studies

Momo Wilms-Crowe ’20 | International Studies and Political Science

Momo Wilms-Crowe

2017 Award Recipient

Faculty Research Mentor Award

The Faculty Research Mentor Award recognizes a faculty member for their exceptional mentoring of undergraduate research and experiential learning. Read more about the 2020 recipients in a recent issue of Around the O.

2020 Awards

Melissa Baese-Berk, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Director of Undergraduate Studies is committed to mentoring students, inspiring them to be researchers and leaders, creating a supportive lab environment in which they can thrive. Professor Baese-Berk shepherds students through the complex process of becoming involved in a research project, and admired as a trusted mentor.

Yvonne Braun, is Professor of International Studies and Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. Professor Braun is lauded for holding extensive knowledge of research and theory related to gender, intersectionality, social movements and human rights, as well as taking on an active and committed role in the development of student projects and interests. The welcoming attitude,  integrity in approaches to complex topics, and fostering empowerment are additional qualities so admired by students. This award is co-sponsored by the Clark Honors College.

Judith Raiskin, Associate Professor in Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies, is celebrated for serving as an amazingly committed mentor, community-builder and dedication to the LGBTQ+ student community. A student said of Professor Raiskin, “Many professors discuss having one mentor in their career that pushed them to continue their academic pursuits despite the barriers they experience, and Professor Raiskin is that person for me. I could not imagine a more capable or exemplary candidate for this award.”

2019 Awards

Caitlin Fausey, Assistant Professor in Psychology and Director of the Learning Lab, was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for her commitment to undergraduate research mentoring, with multiple nominations from current and former students that describe a truly amazing ability and commitment to mentoring students. The students describe Dr. Fausey as inspiring them to be scientists and leaders, encouraging and supporting them to develop independent research projects, and being deeply committed to their professional development.

Chris Minson, Singer Professor of Human Physiology and Director of the Human Cardiovascular Control Lab, was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for his long-term commitment to undergraduate mentoring, which has spanned several decades. Nominated by both his department head, Dr. John Halliwill, undergraduate and graduate research assistants, notably his students describe Dr. Minson as inspiring them to become scientists, his creation of a supportive lab environment, and his dedication to helping students navigate the complex process of becoming involved in a research project.

Mark Carey, Professor of History and Environmental Studies at the Clark Honors College, as well as Director of The Glacier Lab and the Environmental Studies Program, was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for a long-term commitment to his students, having been awarded the Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2015. He was nominated by undergraduate Mackenzie Myers as well as several graduate students. The committee was extremely impressed by his commitment to and excellence in undergraduate research mentoring, in particular how successful Dr. Carey has been at connecting undergraduate and graduate student researchers, how his passion for his work is contagious, and how his outstanding mentoring has helped his students successfully compete for prestigious national scholarships.  This award was co-sponsored by the Clark Honors College. 

2018 Awards

Judith Eisen, Professor in Biology, was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for her long history of exceptional mentoring of undergraduate students, innovative pedagogy, training of graduate students and postdocs to be effective mentors, and leadership in developing and running critical and successful programs such as the Science Literacy Program and SPUR/OURS.

The Chemical Synthesis Group a team composed of professors Michael Haley, David Johnson, Vickie DeRose, Michael Pluth, Ramesh Jasti, Darren Johnson, Ken Doxsee, and David Tyler was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for exceptional work with undergraduates over several decades. This group has mentored 499 researchers and this mentoring has led to 221 publications with undergraduates as co-authors. The team has had an incredible impact and has developed an impressive set of best practices for how to mentor students on research opportunities.

Samantha Hopkins, Associate Professor in Earth Sciences and Associate Dean of the Clark Honors College, was awarded the CURE Faculty Research Mentor Award for her exceptional undergraduate mentoring since she joined UO in 2007. Her moving nomination letter, written by 4 current undergraduates and an alumna, describes her has an exemplary mentor who has provided amazing opportunities to students to do meaningful research and who has helped students go on to distinguished PhD programs around the country. This award was co-sponsored by the Clark Honors College. 

Visit Around the O to learn more about the inaugural year of the Faculty Research Mentor Awards!

Judith Eisen

2018 Faculty Mentor Award Recipient